White Denims

The White Denims

A friend mentioned this morning that she was considering purchasing a pair of white denims.  White denim jeans are so versatile and such a wardrobe staple that she cannot go wrong with her investment.  It led me to putting together a collage above which shows just how versatile wearing a pair of white jeans can actually be.

White jeans come in pure white, off-white, winter-white, ivory and creamy-white, they come in skin tight, straight leg, bootleg, straight ends, frayed ends, ripped knee or classic… you can’t but get a pair that you will adore!

Wear them with light beige, pastels, floral, stripes, dark tops, striped shirts, tank tops, or blazers.  Shoes can be edgy, classic, nautical, beachy.  Try a flip flop with plain tank top, or go from beach to bar with a high sandal and off the shoulder top.  You might get some examples from the collage above, but above all – play around and have some fun.


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