The Shirt-Jumper


Well, it’s Friday 🙂   How many of us get up in the mornings and look in the wardrobe for something to wear to go to work, and always end up with the same things?

We have the same skirt, or trousers, the same shirt or blouse, the same jacket or blazer, and if we are lucky, we might have that dress that gives us other options.  Well, how about the combined shirt and jumper?   I have found the ideal shirt-jumper, that not only looks good, but is easy to wear, super comfortable, dress it up or down, and is warm enough to withstand that office air-conditioner blowing on us.

This one that I have styled above, is from the label French Connection.  French Connection have two outlets in Cork, one in Patrick Street and the other one in Mahon Point, as well as many others throughout the country.  I found this one for 65 euro, and comes in a variety of colours, the one shown is navy.  It also comes in Biker Berry, Dark Grey, Turtle Green, Blush Pink and Mercury Silver.

The detail on the back of the top is beautiful – it has a deep pleat running the length of the back, with a handy zip on the uppermost section.  It pairs the concept of a crisp, classic shirt with a slouchy jumper – the perfect staple to dress up for work or dress down for a day with the girls.  Enjoy the weekend everyone. x


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