The Sleeveless Coat


Were you ever on the way out and went to grab a coat?….but the coat was either too heavy, too wooly, too short, or didn’t go with the outfit?  This can happen especially at this time of the year when the temperatures are rising, and when a winter coat looks wrong, but yet a summer blazer looks wrong too.

Time to go for an “in-between”… I’ve chosen the Sleeveless Coat above which adds a bit of glamour to the outfit, but it doesn’t feel too naked to be going out in just a top.

In the picture above, I have went with the inspiration from the smaller inset picture which I found on Pinterest.  The camel coloured version comes from Alexander Wang, but there are many cheaper more affordable versions from Boohoo and Missguided (reduced at the moment to 42 euro).  The jeans again in the picture above are the more expensive cut from Orchardmile, but Zara do a fantastic version of these and much more affordable. The Zara alternative are faux leather, and 49.99 euro.  The nude sandals are from for 25 euro, but lots of styles available in the High Street at the moment in lovely beige nude and rose nude.  I’ve teamed it all with a lovely MiuMiu bag, coming in at just under 2,000 euro, … and for those of us with not that kind of pocket money you will get a black bag anywhere!

I’ve finished the look with the Naked Palette from Urban Decay – but with so many cheaper options in the pharmacies now, you will never be short of nude or naked palette choices.  Enjoy xx


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